Latest Bsnl 3G Hack Trick 2010

2+Mbps & Unlimted Downloading = Rs 274/mo.


Brand New BSNL 3G sim
& 3G handset

1). Go to a BSNL outlet n ask for a 3G sim
2). Then recharge it with Rs. 120 in which u ll get Rs 20 balance & 6 month validity
3). Then convert it to 2G by recharging it with Rs. 2
4). Then activate Unlimited GPRS plan for 2G on ur card by recharging Rs. 274(or plan in which u get unlimited acc. to your state)

Now in ur Handset
set access point as bsnlnet
n now use unlimited GPRS with speed of 3G.

BSNL user Use this trick

100% Working yet Presently

First of all Buy a normal 2g bsnl’s sim card and keep balance 50+ rs.

Now activate gprs by sending sms GPRS PRE to 53733 It will be
activated in 24 hours, after activation get gprs settings by calling customer care

Now do e-recharge with 230 rs (or whatever unlimited plan exists in your area)
in it, After activation You have to change only one thing in your 3G enabled cell.

Go to settings>tools>settings>phone&get>network>network mode> now select UMTS

THEN do manual searching for network u will find bsnl 3g network there with small 3g logo along with its name,select it as default

Now see your data signals logo….. vow it is converted into 3G

You will get near about 500kbps to 1200 kbps speed
Remember use BSNLEGPRS or BSNLPREPAID as your access point
but its 100% working
Enjoy 3G at minimum cost……!!!!
Hope its Works for you.