LG Introduce LCD with thinnest in the World List

LG does not want to lose with the Samsung, especially fellow producers of electronic devices that originated from the same country, South Korea. Whereas in the past Samsung has introduced a 55 inch LCD with ultra-thin list, this time LG LCD displays that have thinner.

In comparison, Samsung's LCD display when it has a 3.8 mm wide list for the top and left side and 1.9mm on the bottom and right side. LG LCD this time has a size of 37 inches with a 2.5mm-wide list for the bottom and right side and 1.5mm for the top and left side. When combined, the total gap that exists between each of the LCD is only 4mm (not reaching 1/2cm)

LG display panel is designed for outdoor advertising purposes and can be combined to join up without limit.

LCD screen with the thinnest in the World list this (beat the record of Samsung) will debut demonstration at the FPD International 2010 event took place November 10 to 12 are in Japan.