LG Optimus Star, 4-inch screen Android phone with Tegra 2 Processor Dual-Core?

An exclusive information obtained by Engadget about an LG handset from Optimus series that will appear in 2011. This handset has 8 MP camera, video recorder 1080p, front camera, microSD card expansion slot, microUSB connectivity, 1500mAh battery, and most importantly is the presence of dual-core processors are of course very tempting to try.

This handset will use the Android OS and could be the first smartphone that uses the NVIDIA Tegra chip 2. Smartphone is known internally as the LG Star and if you see the Google logo on the back then this handset is expected to use the Android OS with no frills stock from vendors. Not yet known versions of Android that will be installed, however if the stock Android installed it will be pretty easy to upgrade Android OS if desired.
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