Mark Zuckerberg: There Will Never Be a Facebook Phone

Throw away your mind up if the phone will be present, because the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed his company would never make its own mobile device.Means the rumors that had circulated about the phone up is not true.

Here are the reasons up, first: up not a hardware company, the second: the purpose is not to sell something up physically, but to make all things social. "It's very strange when we create a focused strategy to sell a few phones," said Zuckerberg. It makes sense indeed, if true up to make the phone was just going over very little market share.

So what is done by Facebook? The company's largest social networking world is currently working for integration up with various mobile device platforms can be deepened. Integration up is what are preferred, especially on the Android phone, iPhone, and WP7. So do not misinterpret the 'phone up', which is more accurate is up for a deeper integration, such as for example in mobile WP7.

Mark Zuckerberg even confirm once again that his company does not sell hardware, and he admitted it was surprised that the rumor came out, because partner will think that Facebook will become competitors.