Microsoft Kin Kin 1 and 2 for sale Back By Verizon

Still remember with Microsoft Kin? The phone is a major failure of Microsoft in the mobile industry this year. Mobile phones Kin Kin 1 and 2 directly withdrawn from circulation after only three months is available on the market. But now according to leaked roadmap Verizon cell phone, both phones Kin Kin 1 and 2 re-sold by the American mobile operator.

Surprisingly, it looks like Verizon wants to spend a second stock of this phone. Little difference, both phones are sold without a contract and Verizon data can be purchased directly by the user. Both phones Kin was originally sold with a data contract in the eyes of many users is too expensive because this phone is targeted to teens and young children.

Is Microsoft Kin Kin 1 and 2 is going to pull back the interest of mobile users in countries such pamansam. Nothing is impossible not, likely to generate sales when sent to Indonesia, because so many have a crush on with this funny shape.