Motorola DROID 2 Global will Glide in Black and White Color

A re-emerging leaks from Verizon rebate sheet piece is quite confusing. This is because there are two kinds of data the Global Motorola DROID 2 where a model wearing the camera and the other does not. From this discovery it was assumed that the two are different handset that is DROID 2 Global and models without a camera.

After further traced by BGR with sources who do not want to be named, obtained images Droid 2 Global on Costco inventory system. From there it is known that the Droid 2 Global proved to have two colors: black and white. Both handsets will be sold starting this November with a contract price of $ 199.99.

Droid 2 Global is a handset that uses Android upscale 1.2 GHz processor, with a QWERTY keyboard that has been reorganized and some other specs. Motorola has leaked some time ago but are currently not many details were found from this handset.