Now Hotmail Can Manage Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Through Hotmailnya Microsoft has released a new feature that allows to receive and send email through another email address, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Microsoft announced that users only need to register and validate the email addresses out of hotmail, and then the user will be allowed to set out the email account from within the Hotmail via POP.
Hotmail users can send email from another address through the "Send As', but this time provide an update email settings experience more complete. Yahoo Mail and Gmail are also actually has similar features to manage multiple email accounts.

Microsoft hopes to facilitate users who have been comfortable with the look antamuka Hotmail. Many users work email account that does not want to send messages through Hotmail domain, but still like to Hotmail user interface, that's typical users are targeted by Microsoft.

Hotmail currently has nearly 350 million users and is still widely used by web users in the various worlds. Even so, email service from Microsoft is getting a very strong competition, especially from Gmail and Yahoo Mail.