Palm Mansion, 5 Inch Touch Screen Phone?

After the rumor first appeared some time ago, the details of the Palm Mansion back slightly ajar. This time it appears again information that Palm Mansion as a handset that uses a touch interface would totally wear super-large screen that is 5 inches by resoulsi WVGA 800 x 480 pixels.

Estimates will be Palm's 5-inch handset is based on a source who stated that Palm is making a smartphone with a screen slightly larger than 5 inches. If you look at the date of launch, so this smartphone is Palm's most likely this Mansion. The possibility of this handset will be ready in three months or near the end of the first quarter of 2011.

HP itself is known, is preparing two webOS 2.0-based device that Palm and Palm Pad Mansion. In addition, Palm Pre 2 also has begun to slide in the UK. The news is also strengthened by the testimony of a high-ranking HP in webOS 2.0 conference recently which stated that future devices will use webOS 2.0.

Is this a good start for HP in entering the mobile market?