PlayStation phone Leaks Again, more details

The other day, Engadget has been leaked cell phone featuring the long-awaited PlayStation many people, it looks like with the PSP game console plus-Go's communications function and multi-touch trackpad in the middle.

Then Sony responded by clarifying that no PlayStation phone, which many doubted by many people. For images that circulated by Engadget is pretty authentic and clear, even Sony looks conceal anything about the PlayStation phone is not known for its competitors.

This time the most recent information can be obtained is, this PlayStation phone has a code name "Zeus" and will use the Android 2.2 (after 2.3 gingerbread). This versatile phone will be powered by a 1GHz processor and 512MB of internal storage with microSD slot, 5MP camera, and touchpad.

Still convinced there was no phone and only PlayStation engineering? Engadget claims the phone is really real. Interested in having them?