Samsung Galaxy Tab Component Price Only 205 Dollars

A firm market researcher, iSuppli, has performed the surgery on the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab. From the results of surgery is known that the composition of the Galaxy Tab has a value price of 205.22 dollars (about 147 Euro) plus 9:37 of dollars to the cost of assembly.
The price component of Samsung Galaxy Tab means 30% less expensive than 3G 16GB iPad and differs significantly with the price offered to end users. As is known Samsung Galaxy Tabs sold in the UK with the price of 608 Euro without a contract, or 99 pounds if binding contract with a monthly fee of £ 40 for two years. It is estimated by iSuppli that the large price difference between the IPAD (264.27 USD) and is influenced by factors Galaxy Tab screen.

If seen the inside, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad have in common, they both derived from each model smartphone that is Galaxy S and iPhone. However iPad wear a larger screen, including the resolution (9.7 "resolution of 1024 × 76 instead of Tab (7" resolution of 1024 × 600). In addition, Apple uses a matrix tablet IPS who appears to have few advantages over the screen to the Galaxy Tab. Samsung P1000 Screen Tab Galaxy worth 57 dollars, while the screen iPad worth 98 dollars. While Tab has two cameras and a gyroscope while iPad do not have. In addition, Tab has double the RAM of Tab, plus a microSD card slot that is not owned by iPad.