Samsung Will Announce Flexible AMOLED display in Japan

Next week, Samsung will announce 4.5-inch screen Amoled newest Flexible Flat Panel Display at the convention which took place in Japan. This new product will be capable of supporting full-resolution WVGA (800x480) and display the color quality as the Samsung Galaxy S.

This new flexible screen can be bent and twisted without damage or distortion of the image. This flexible screen can also be relied upon as well as resilient. It is unknown which device is going to use this flexible screen, which would open the door untu presence of new devices with more radical designs and can be used (wearable gadgets).

Hoon Min-gi, Senior Fellow of the SMD said that with this revolutionary technology, to create new products that thin, lightweight, and flexible, which exceeds the current limit of IT products. In addition, manufacturers from Taiwan, ITRI has also showcased Flexible AMOLED screen recently.