Some Nokia N8 in Various Countries Reported Sudden Death

Some Nokia N8 apparently having problems failed products, because many users of the Nokia N8 from various parts of the world who reported his cell phone is not on (dead) can not even be in charge to make mobile phone again flame.

At first site outside of the technology that is being reviewed this phone Nokia N8 also found her dead, but did not report it because it is still considered a bad luck getting a failed product. But recently Eldar Murtazin, writers from russia that once the owner of Mobile-Review site also says "Nokia N8 like Nokia 5800, has a section damaged during its first production, the Nokia N8 dying around the world, all the Nokia N8 affected."

Two cases that have yet to show that many of the Nokia N8 is problematic, but a similar case also occurred in Malaysia, who found many of the Nokia N8 sudden death total, can not be fired, or even in charge though. This case is discussed in the Nokia discussion forums and found many are experiencing the same thing.

Then in Thailand, was found from a user posting there about 1 / 5 or more users have same problem Nokia N8. Of course this is not good news desired by the consumer or the manufacturer directly Nokia, Nokia itself has prepared carefully Nokia N8 from delays launch of this phone many times.

Nokia responded quickly this serious matter, Niklas Savander has admitted that there is a problem in the Nokia N8. Himself claims that this problem only affects a small portion of users and considered no big deal for Nokia. If there are consumers who experience the Nokia N8, Niklas Savander advised to claim the warranty and will be dealt with either by Nokia which already has many stores and branches around the world.