Waitting For Gingerbread, New Lenovo LePad Appears Early 2011

CEO of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing, has just confirmed that the company will not release tablet LePad this year in the United States. This was expressed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Further said that LePad will be available in early 2011 although no mention of the price to be offered.

At first LePad, tablet-based Android, expected to go on sale in late 2010 but the latest report states that its release was delayed waiting for the Android version is more suitable for tablets of Gingerbread. Representatives of Google said in early 2010 that Froyo (Android 2.2) is not optimized for the tablet and is not designed for devices with sizes and shapes like that.

Other companies are delaying the launch of the product tablets wait Gingerbread is LG.Based on a Reuters report last month also delayed release tablets LG wait version of Android that is designed for tablets. Meanwhile, Samsung such as fixed known his release tablet product that is based Froyo Galaxy Tab. Galaxy Tab is provided via the operator T-Mobile and Verizon, while Sprint will follow tomorrow.

Still to be seen whether Android-based tablet will be able to emulate iPad tablet currently dominate the market, just as Android smartphones continue to pursue the iPhone.