ZTE AD8000, Tablet Android with Trackball Login FCC

ZTE, China's electronics manufacturers are increasingly producing electronic devices based on Android. Like this one, a tablet device made by ZTE has just entered the FCC (Federal Communication Commisions) which has a code of AD8000.

The tablet uses a dual-core processors made by Rockchip ARM926EJ 600MHz and 2.2 Froyo Android operating system. Tablets ZTE is also capable of supporting the internal NAND flash memory up to 16GB that can be expanded again with microSD slot.For business connectivity, this tablet has 3G support, but not explained whether this tablet will have a front camera, but you look at pictures of this tablet seems to pick the trackbal as an alternative navigation tool.

No information about price and release date of tablets made by ZTE, at least for now.Just wait for its development. Last month also was announced ZTE ZTE Light, 7-inch tablet Android.