Acer Windows Mobile Phone 7 Prepare for 2011

Acer increasingly serious penetrated mobile market, in contrast with less audible echo ASUS, Acer has launched a mobile phone even more bite, call it Android phone Liquid E, Liquid Stream, tablets Android, as well as a mysterious phone Froyo that has high resolution.

This time the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer is reportedly working on a Windows-based phones Phone 7, whereas when the platform was announced WP7 Microsoft, Acer is not announced as a partner.

Gianfranco Lanci recently said, "We want to be great, now Acer is mostly filled by Android, but we also work on Windows Phone 7".Unfortunately this Acer CEO reluctant to provide more detailed information.

Acer's latest mobile phones in collaboration with Microsoft-based WinMo 6.5.3, such as neoTouch P400 (main picture). Most likely later in 2011, Acer besutan WP7 phone will be launched at any time, while the flagship 4.8-inch mobile besutannya unnamed official will also be introduced.

CEO of Acer has also made it clear his company plans tablets, the first tablet Acer seems to be directly present with Android Honeycomb. For Acer is not convinced that the Android Gingerbread is the perfect solution for embedded in tablets. The tablet is touted to be launched Acer in April next year.