Android 2.3 Gingerbread : Get Ready To Be Flooded By Interesting Games

For those who had been complaining to the games on Android devices that are less attractive will not be disappointed again. Because the phone with Android OS version 2.3 will be flooded Gingerbread interesting games from renowned game developers.This is all because the OS Gingerbread also directed Google to create Android phones as gaming devices to be reckoned with.

Developers Android 2.3 will get more bids can be explored in more depth, while gamers will certainly get a lot of interesting games on the Android Market. Open GL and OpenSL ES will have access to native and some motion sensors that will improve the processing of motion in the game in need.

Google's interest to defeat IOS far superior in entertainment and gaming applications is certainly very reasonable, therefore, many developers are getting interested to him like ********. ******** has now released the game in the Android Market called Brothers in Arms 2 HD for $ 4.99. Developers such as EA's other games are also not left behind, besutannya game titled Need for Speed: Shift to Android confirmed to be present in Android Market despite delayed. There are also several other RPG games at the upcoming Android devices such as Illusia, Mystical Land, and Zenonia 3.