Android Gingerbread 2.3 Will Be Released Today?

Notion Ink, one of the leading American manufacturer of tablets has given clues about the possible launch of Android will be launched on December 6 this time America.Notion Ink CEO, Rohan Shravan previously said that today will be another big day for Android, who knows tablets 'Adam' will be one of the first devices to adapt.

More than a month since Google sculptures installed on the campus of Google, Eric Schmidt has also been shown Nexus S that uses the Android OS 3.2 in November.Gingerbread promised will come in the next few weeks, regardless of the Nexus shortlist will be announced on the same day or not.

Android release this latest version will bring some changes, such as video chat support, NFC (near field communication), visual display, and some minor feature enhancements such as WebM video through a browser.

With the Gingerbread probably will affect the sale of tablets Notion Ink in America to rival the iPad. Ink Notion Adam is expected to be available before Christmas this year, but it seems backwards to the beginning of 2011.

Is December 6 associated with Google on Chrome OS event on 7 December.