Apple Confirm iPhone 4 White Attend At Spring 2011

iPhone 4 white has become the exclusive mobile phone because not arrive until today.Having had many times said to be delayed, iPhone 4 white version is even rumored to be withdrawn from the Apple online store and will not attend. Yet there has been no official announcement of the launch of Apple's iPhone 4 white canceled.

Now a new word circulating for penanti iPhone 4 colors white with the discovery of a new promotional picture in the U.S. Apple store. It poses the writing is clear that the iPhone 4 color white will be available spring 2011. This is indirectly confirmed rumors cancel the launch of Apple's iPhone 4 white are untrue.

Spring is in the United States usually begins late March, is the emergence of a late 4 white iPhone will postpone the scheduled launch iPhone 5? Or it could just iPhone 5 will be available along with 4 white iPhone that replaces the black color version. Just wait for its development.