BlackBerry Storm 3 Appears at Best Buy with a Code System 9570

RIM issue has been confirmed indirectly by Best Buy, one of the giant U.S. electronics retail stores.

From the 'Mobile Genie' which is used to transfer contacts from old customers to a new device, there are obvious naming of the BlackBerry 9570 Storm 3 in the inventory.Shortly after the discovery, Simon from IntoMobile Sage explained that the BlackBerry Storm 3 has been in the inventory list since two months ago.

Does this mean that RIM had to release the BlackBerry Storm 3 in the near future but then postponed or even canceled because of various factors? What is clear up to now still not known when the date of announcement or launch of the BlackBerry Storm 3. There is another possibility that the BlackBerry 9570 Storm 3 is a refresher OS BlackBerry Storm 2 with 6 and larger RAM, same as the Onyx 2 is called the BlackBerry 9780.