Chrome Web Store Now Open With 500 Applications Prime

Google Chrome Web Store open starting today with its first 500 applications. Chrome Web Store is part of Google's big plan in conjunction with OS Chrome which is rumored to be launched next year. At the launch event today, Google is showing some Web application with large partners such as Amazon, and Electronic Arts.

If you try to open one of these web applications Chrome, it seemed like a regular web page. But there is what distinguishes this web Chrome application with a web Shortcut Launcher usual. For example, the Web Store application, audio playlists and multiple scrolling panels can be run on each category of news. Another example, Application New York Times can display a custom view news with the navigation panel on the right.

In addition, application support in "Offline" is another attraction in this Web Chrome.Many web applications in Chrome can be run in offline without any internet connection.But still run by Cloud Synchronization when the computer is connected to the internet.You can even play games on the Chrome browser with the availability of the application of EA games (Tiger Woods Online), poppit, gartic, Fifa Superstar and games up like Farmville, etc. Fishdom.

Google also expects Chrome Web Store to provide maximum service in the future, especially the facility of online payment using Google Checkout.