Concept phones : Floating in Air to Charge Batteries

A new concept of a futuristic mobile phones at present by the designer In-Oh Yoo and Sun Woong Oh at Yanko Design. By combining the imagination of science fiction and try to place it in the real world, the two designers are designing the future of mobile phones that can float in the air.

You do this by using a special place as well as a charger, the device itself, and the corresponding magnets to float the future of this phone. Magnetism plays an important role to hold the position of the phone and dialed the phone. After floating under the phone battery will be charged automatically and displays the picture presets on the screen.

When there are new messages, incoming calls, schedule alarms, etc. when the phone is in charge then this phone may display a series of 3D-like visuals while spinning.
Isn’t this cool?