Google launches Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store

As scheduled, Google has launched its Chrome Web Store officially. This new service is a portal for web applications in Chrome Chrome browser or OS. Users can now download and purchase applications paid or not paid, and some of these applications also exist that can run offline. Most current applications provided with Flash and also capable of using strict web standards and runs on all platforms.
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Some popular applications have been demonstrated in the launching party such as Amazon, New York Times, NPR, Sports Illustrated, and various games. Browser Chrome 9 which will be launched later will be prepared EA game, Poppit directly therein. Applications from Amazon, "Kindle for the Web 'which has been widely anticipated for fans read will get a more attractive visual appearance and ease in reading the book, this application will be landed early 2011.

Many applications that will be different from the view the web version is usually and is able to synchronize data with Chrome the OS and various versions of the browser Chrome. Chrome Web Store has been available at this time with more than 500 titles and is designed for the browser application Chrome 8. Meanwhile, when Chrome 9 attending will have a function that is more complete and easy way to pay for the application.