Google Nexus S Camera Sample Results Found, Less Impressive?

After some time not been heard from, rumors about Google's Nexus S re-emerged. This time it found the images the camera shots Samsung I9020 aka Nexus S posted on Picasa.

The pictures from this camera were taken in the area around the Google campus, at home, as well as in the building. There are a few photos that show the place where the photo was taken using GPS and Google Map. If you view EXIF data is available, these pictures were taken in October and November.

Some photos taken by someone named Terese Sobczak and Michael Levesque. If further explored to note that both worked at Google as a researcher and software engineer. These findings reinforce the notion that Google is being developed Nexus S and currently being tested in the Google campus.

In addition to photographs, video recordings can also be found using this handset. The recording was found on Youtube, and from there found that the camera has a resolution of 5MP S Nexus and can record 720p HD video.

If you see the shots and video recordings, GSMArena assume the results are less promising. Is S Nexus product will bring an increase in the camera? Just wait.