Google Nexus S Use Super Clear LCD screen in Russia, Impact on Other Countries?

Recently Nexus Gingerbread S with Android 2.3 has been announced officially. You could say December is the month of Google with the launch of many products both handsets, platforms, and new services.

The phone is made with partner Samsung is rumored to be available on December 16, in the United States (T-Mobile) and 20 December in the UK. The phone also will be available in other countries will not even have time in this year, as in Russia who is rumored to be available in February 2011.

The surprise is likely to have 2 versions of the Nexus S, the first to use Super AMOLED screen and the second using the Super Clear LCD screen (like that used in Wave II Samsung S8530).

Although different, in fact Super Clear LCD screen is also not inferior to the Super AMOLED in addition to greater energy consumption dibandingnya. Various speculation circulating that Super Clear LCD screen in Google's Nexus S not only in Russia alone, but also other European countries.

Is this influenced by the limited supply of Super AMOLED screen that requests too much? Just wait for news of this development and may be Google's Nexus S with Super Clear LCD screen will be more affordable price.