Google's Trying To Go Back to Social Networking with Google +1

An appearance on Google's experimental entry into the social networking world re-discovered by Techcrunch. In this picture found on Google Me image is then converted into Emerald Sea and then transformed into "Google 1".
From these images in mind that Google is trying to make a toolbar that is on the top page of Google, in this case is Google News. There is a button "Share" in there, a place for icons Google account, and Google's user name. Next to him there is a matter of numerical digits. Next to him there are menu options. There are also the words "CONFIDENTIAL" in red capital letters to indicate that this is still a secret.

There are allegations that in the left toolbar there are areas for Loop, which some time ago as the word connoted Google for the group. Loop is also the name that is heard from testing an iPhone application that is currently being conducted. The existence of this toolbar is also in line with testing information toolbar area is tested by Google several weeks ago.

Google responded to this information by saying that they always test new ways to improve the performance of their products, and they have confirmed that they are focused to incorporate social elements into the (service) Google. However, Google says there is no new thing that needs to be announced for now.

It is estimated that 'secret' Google is going to slide early next year. Hopefully not as bad as Buzz.