HTC Speak Out About HD7 Antenna Problems

After some time ago there was a problem reported by the antenna on the handset like the iPhone HTC HD7 4, HTC finally spoke up. The problem was discovered by some people and also has been raised on Youtube.

HTC says that HTC's attention to quality as one of the important things in design. To ensure the best signal strength, the antennas are placed in areas most often covered person's face or hands while in use. However, according to HTC can not be avoided a decrease in signal strength when covered entirely with a finger or hand telapan users.

All phones by HTC has been thoroughly tested and they are confident that under normal circumstances reception signal strength and performance will be more than enough for the phone to be operated when the signal is also available in the area quite well.

Report this problem earlier HTC users have posted on Youtube some time ago. This report was then tested again by WPCentral and showed that the signal received rencah down enough so that calls can be disconnected and the data connection does not work.

HTC seems to learn from previous experience not to blame or compare their products with other brand handsets for the justification of the problem facing the antenna.