Intel Chip Next Year Will Be Powering 35 New Tablet (Android, Windows 7, MeeGo)

In Barclays Capital Global Technology Conference not long ago, Intel CEO Paul Otellini revealed future plans. Bahwan Otellini would say the there are 35 tablets based on the Intel Moorestown and Oak Trail to be launched by various manufacturers began the first half of next year.

Not all tablets in question will use the Android platform (although most likely will be filled by Android), but there are also tablets that use MeeGo OS and Windows OS 7.

Android will be powered by the tablet core processors for tablet Morrestown while Windows will powered by Oak Trail. Tablet Android itself is not closed is likely to use Honeycomb version that has been optimized for the tablet.

Intel also had to preach the difficulty to enter the smart phone market. Otellini said that the issue of mobile phones with Intel chips will not appear until the second half of next year. New processor berkodenama 'Medfield' are specifically designed smart phone and continue to be developed for certification pass, the integration of a modem, and not stak with software that is available.

Medfield Morrestown is the successor chip, which was launched last May. Chip Morrestown judged not fit to compete ability of low-power ARM processors used in smart phones. Possible Medfield processor will be mailed the end of 2011 or 2012.

Hopefully Intel can enter the smart phone market more quickly, of course, competition in the world of processors would be more interesting