iPhone 5 will Wear Pico Projector and Live TV?

An analyst named Brian White with the Securities Ticonderoga recently visited Taipei, Taiwan, and China. During his visit he heard from suppliers that the move to digital TV and miniature pico projectors are trying to be a major feature in future smartphones.According to Brian White, the feature would be attractive candidates for iPhone 5, which is expected to attend in 2011.

According to Brian White, view live TV on your smartphone could become attractive choice for some consumers. Besides pico projectors can allow users to view presentations or video to a wall or other surfaces that are large. It would make sense if iPhone 5 wear it because at this time Apple was in the mood to add a new feature in next generation iPhone. In addition, White also assume that such features could be incorporated into the IPAD so that users can gain a richer multimedia experience.

Other rumors have been circulating about the new generation iPhone is Apple likely to apply technology "remote computing" (computing distance) using short range communication chips such as RFID. With this feature, the user can control a Mac computer via the handset securely. There are also rumors saying that Apple will use it as an e-wallet, which will save 'money' according to charging for use as a means of transaction.
If the pico projector features so applied, then the iPhone 5 will follow in the footsteps Samsung Halo as the first smartphone to install an integrated pico projector.

Which of these features that will actually appear on the iPhone 5?