Is this description Google Chrome Keyboard Netbook OS?

In addition to inviting in mind that Google Chrome to journalists at the event on December 7th of this, it also appears the rumors about the picture of the netbook keyboard that is about to be announced. Pictures were taken from a presentation Inventec, a netbook manufacturer OEM (unbranded).

From the keyboard picture is seen a few different keyboard than a laptop or netbook which is now widely used. In the left panel seen on the 'search' which replaces the Caps Lock key. At the top there is a row of function keys including the forward / backward and the window, full screen, and configuration.

This keyboard layout was similar to Acer Chrome ZGA as shown in Gambari. Engadget also get info from people who send the photos that Google Chrome netbook OS it will be announced on December 7, but only will be sold starting December 14.

Does the netbook fever tablets can beat that has engulfed the moment?