Latest LG phones Froyo Defeat Galaxy 4 S and iPhone

LG Electronics has a superior the Android phones are still not officially announced, namely LG LU3000. Even so, the phone is reported to have faster performance than the Samsung Galaxy S or iPhone 4.

LG LU3000 considered a higher version of Optimus Chic E720, IPS has a 3.8 inch screen with 800x480 resolution, HDMI outputs, 5MP auto focus camera with flash, capable of 1080p Full HD video recording, and use the TI OMAP 360 processor 1GHz.

Therefore this is the same processor speed, LG LU3000 juxtaposed with Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone 4.
LG LU3000 further specification is still unknown, but is expected to LG LU3000 will first be released in South Korea, followed Europe and North America. Perhaps LG will use the name of the new Optimus for international version. The price of this LG phone uga is still a mystery.