LG Optimus ranks Will not Get Gingerbread Updates

LG's official page on Facebook has announced that its line of smartphones Optimus is not going to get an update release of Android 2.3. Thus users of the LG Optimus One and Chic will only be able to use a maximum of Android 2.2 Froyo.

According to LG, all phone Optimus does not have an adequate because it only uses 600 MHz processor, while the minimum requirement for Gingerbread is a 1GHz processor. Or in other words it is impossible to update if it does not replace the processor.

LG announcement of this begs the question from several parties. This is because Google actually does not mention any limitation that could processor fitted with the latest mobile OS Google. A Google engineer named Dan Morril also confirm this via Twitter by saying that there are no absolute limits for the Gingerbread processor needs. If there is then he would know.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers are HTC has confirmed that some cell phone range, including Desire HD will get an update Android 2.3. Unfortunately there is no information when this update will be done.