Meizu M9 Emerging Pictures and The price, Followed by M9II at the End of 2011

While waiting for a network license for Meizu M9 which is being processed, images and prices Meizu M9 again raised by the CEO, Jack Wong. The pictures that show various abilities Meizu M9 who use Android OS, both used to write to surf the web.

In addition, Jack Wong also revealed plans selling price of this product. Price Meizu M9 follow the scheme of the iPhone is sold without a contract as well as with two-year contract to get access 3G and 900 minutes free calls per month. Currently, the iPhone itself is priced 5880 yuan for the 16 GB model with a monthly cost of 286 Yuan. M9 8GB model will sell for 2499 Yuan with a 2-year contract, while the 16GB model will sell for 2699 Yuan.

In addition to M9, Jack Wong also divulge successor plan M (ie M9II currently being worked on. The products are planned to be presented end of 2011, with a larger screen that is 4 inches, RAM / ROM 1GB, A9 dual-core processor, and memory 16 GB. M9II probably sells for 3580 yuan ($ 537).