Nokia N00 Prototype Seen on eBay, Successor of Nokia N86?

Some people in Germany was suddenly selling a prototype Nokia mobile phone (Nokia N00) on eBay. The phone is believed to be the successor to the Nokia N86 is not so present to the market. The prototype of this phone can also be directly used like any other phone released in the market, no beret and looking very rarely used.

What is clear is that the alleged cell phone Nokia N87 Nokia phone is seen as an official and not as a mobile phone Chinese clones. The phone was found in a bar in the unlocked state and functioning optimally.

The prototype Nokia N00 has a sliding design with a keypad or older, Carl Zeiss 12MP camera, Xenon flash, and Wide Angle lens. Perhaps this phone is not so marketed as Nokia focused on Symbian based Nokia N8 ^ 3 and also has a 12MP camera.