PlayStation phone Recorded on Video, Running Gingerbread

Mobile phones made by Sony's Playstation came out again, a lucky guy from the Greek claim to have discovered the mysterious Sony Ericsson mobile phone by mistake. Then without waiting any longer, this man immediately recorded it with a camera phone.Although the resulting video is less clear, but it displays some of the details that match the leaked pictures earlier. The screen used is also seen very large, indicating a rumor about 4.8 inch screen with full HD resolution closer to the truth.

People who played this PlayStation phone said there was the name 'Zeus' is listed in the device settings, which also matches the Engadget report last month. In addition, this time recorded the PlayStation phone is using Android 2.3 dikamera Gingerbread, a good news because most dual-core mobile phone that leaked some time ago are still using Android 2.2.

Various speculation circulating that Sony will announce this new Android phone next week, but many also say the PlayStation phone will not be announced until the Mobile World Congress held in Feburari next year. Just wait for its development.