Pulse, The One Best Way Enjoy Facebook in iPad

Until now iPad still do not have an official Facebook application like the iPhone, so many are using third-party applications such as Friendly, MyFriend HD, etc.. This time visual application called Pulse popular RSS readers will also add support up inside, asiknya again is provided for free.

Unlike the others, Pulse does not make up a full application for the iPad. This application is only integrate up into Pulse, so users can feel the experience of exploring up through the view provided visually appealing application.

Pulse Update 2.1 provides 3 key features up: Shared Links, Status Updates, and My Wall. Users also may provide comments or mark like that will be directly integrated with Facebook. Besides Facebook, Pulse also has integration with Twitter, but currently being worked better, said co-founder of Pulse, Akshay Kothari.

Pulse is usually used to read RSS feeds and links on other social sharing. You could say Flipboard Pulse is a competitor, a free application based social sharing aspect, but this application is not interested in a magazine-style interface like Flipboard. Pulse instead allows users to browse the articles quickly. Pulse will open a new page article in a little while keeping the main page is closed, similar to Twitter application for the iPad.

Application made by Alphonso Labs will also be available as the iPhone and Android in the near future. Pulse latest version also supports multitasking, one of the new features in IOS 4.2 to IPAD. To download, click the iTunes Store.