RIM BlackBerry Playbook For Free to Developers

RIM BlackBerry Playbook reportedly will share the application developers free of charge. This is done to enrich the application on the new tablet. Canadian leading electronics companies that believe that the application holds a vital role in the success of a platform, call it Android IOS and growing.

Steps had been intended to make application developers interested in joining therein.Application developers who are lucky will mendapakan BlackBerry tablet before being released in the market which is rumored early 2011.

How to get it, the developers live register / register and then enter the application into the BlackBerry App buatanya World. If the proposal is accepted, then get ready just waiting for a package shipment of RIM, a gadget that was mentioned is ready to shift the throne iPad come home.

RIM Co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis have also been told that the BlackBerry platform Playbook QNX-based devices will be used also on his cell phone to the fore, when the phone runs a multi-core processors are increasingly complex.
Will the BlackBerry suite of applications offered Playbook able to pamper its users when it launched early in 2011?