Samsung Gloria, Tablet Windows 7 with Sliding QWERTY?

Samsung looks like pounding the tablet market with its newest product, this time in question is a tablet-based 10-inch Samsung Windows 7 named Gloria. There have been two sources who proclaim the truth of this story even though there is no definite picture about the appearance.

Samsung Tablet Gloria reportedly will have a sliding qwerty keyboard which may if drawn would like the image above (engineering). Hoping only consumer electronics device manufacturers from South Korea can optimize Windows 7 to be more comfortable when use touch screen.

You can imagine the Samsung Gloria will be much like most touch-screen phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, but in a bigger screen version. It seems unlikely if only dislide with a horizontal screen position because it will be harder to do the typing instead of mobile versions. Possible design of this tablet will be like a netbook in a state of active keyboard.

There are currently no detailed information that can be delivered, possibly coded tablets name 'Gloria' is about to be released in March or April next year. Just wait it goes.