Samsung Show OLED-TV 3D Concept Can Be Folded

Samsung recently showed a 3D television concept that describes the future of 3D TV.This concept is a 3D television with a screen that can bend / fold so as to provide a better angle of vision of 3D content being played. Users no longer have to sit exactly in the middle to get the optimal experience to enjoy television.

In addition, 3D television that can be folded it also increases the sensation felt by the user, bringing it closer to the action scenes are on screen as real. This concept is shown in the international arena FPD (Flat Panel Display) 2010 design contest 2010 for television product.

Flexible 3D OLED TV technology is expected to be present 5 to 10 years. The era of flexible screens will arrive, imagine the various designs of new electronic devices (excluding televisions) which would come with the technology ready for mass-produced this.