Some Unique Features On Chrome OS

In the conference statement today, Google is not just launching Chrome Chrome OS and Web Store. The company's biggest search engine in the world is also announcing its users web browser currently has reached 120 million users, up 50 million users compared to 7 months ago.

Google Chrome is a webkit based web browser made by Google that was launched last September 2008. From the initial growth of these browsers is growing very rapidly until now occupy the third largest market share brought the Firefox browser in the second position. Google Chrome is famous for a simple, lightweight design and fast rendering the javascript.

With the launch of Chrome Web Store seem to be enough to affect the browser itself and it is not likely to shift the position of Mozilla Firefox in the coming months. Of course not easy, because Firefox has not been long rumored to have surpassed 1 billion downloads last month.

Chrome switch to OS, OS-based devices Chrome will reportedly debut in mid-2011 with the entry of Acer and Samsung as one of the official partner device that later will use Intel chips.

Google Chrome admitted that the current OS is not ready for action, because there are still bugs that stick to the system and key features like Google Cloud Print is still not stable.

Here are some unique features in the browser-based OS:

- Print-based cloud via Google Cloud Print
- When the startup / boot time of less than 60 seconds
- Share your profile: Chrome OS One computer can be shared and accessed from other OS Chrome devices via guest profile.
- 3G Access: All Chrome OS devices will be available with a built in 3G, powered by Verizon. No contract and activation fee of Chrome the OS.
- Security is more secure: With the level of the sandbox and data encryption to ensure security of the device. OS is also capable of detecting and removing malicious code from a malicious code.

In addition, the Chrome OS partners in the field of 3G data network, Verizon Wireless will provide jangkuan WAN (Wide Area Network) on each device with 100MB of data per month for 2 years. Verizon data package will start from $ 10 per month and is still not clear what is gained from the cheapest data package.

All devices Chrome will be present with a WiFi network as an alternative to 3G.