Synchronization Chrome With Google Account Application

Chrome Web Apps has been opened to the public, but the application of the Chrome Web is still new and not many people know about it. What distinguishes between applications on your computer with these Chrome browser applications?. One of synchronization in the cloud (Google's Chrome browser's default feature), so you can open the application that is installed on the main computer without having to re-install on another computer.

Then how do I synchronize?.

You can save bookmarks, extensions, applications, and browser settings in your Google account in computing cloud. In this way, you can access all these features in other Chrome browser without having to arrange and re-install.

How it works:

All settings are stored in your Google account
When you synchronize the computer, all settings are stored in your Google Account. So when you activate the synchronization feature on another computer with your account, Google Chrome will send all the settings, applications, themes and extensions that you sync on the first computer.

All changes are synchronized instantly

Any changes you make on any computer are synchronized instantly and stored in a Google Account. It's like releksi or reflection of any changes in Google Chrome to another computer.
But it will work if you activate the feature Synchronization (Sync Feature). How do I do it?

Enabling Synchronization Features:

- In the settings (wrench icon picture) in Google Chrome
- Select Options / preferences
- On the tab "Personal Stuff" select Sync Setup
- Then go to Google Account by entering the User name and Password
- In Sync Setup you can choose
- Sync everthing - if you want to save all settings and applications
- Choose specific items to sync - you can choose whatever you want synchronized

You can enable synchronization on as many computers as you want and all the different operating systems. Google Chrome can only be synced to one Google Account at any given time. Be careful if there are some people who use simultaneously. You can disable at any time synchronization feature if you feel insecure.

Disabling Synchronization feature

- Open Google Chrome.
- Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
- Select the Settings / Preferences
- Click the tab Stuff Personal / Personal stuff
- Click Stop sync this account.