WP7 Only Allow 15 Applications with Push Notification

One of the advantages of Windows 7 Phone platform than its competitors is the 'Live Tiles', the key features that can be customized on the phone display. This feature consists of various icons on the main display is updated automatically.

Apart from the least total applications in the Windows Market Place, apparently still not many applications that can exploit the main feature on the display screen such WP7 (Live Tiles). Because WP7 visible limit with only a total of 15 applications that can support push notification on the 'Live Tiles' per device.

Users who try to add an application with the push notifications will get an error message like this:

"InvalidOperationException (Channel quota exceeded)"

It remains unclear whether this restriction applies in general to the application or applications that exist only on the 'Live Tiles'. It looks like Microsoft has to understand and know the this, this American leading company plans to control and optimize the user experience and extend battery power.