Home 3D v1.5.3 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

Home 3D is the ultimate mobile tool for architects, home remodeling enthusiasts, interior designers and design hobbyists. Build your dream home in seconds, and take a stunning 3D virtual tour inside it!

Home 3D is built around three simple steps:

1. Layout - Add and position rooms in your floor plan.

2. Interior - Place furniture, fixtures and appliances in each of the rooms.

3. 3D - Take a virtual tour of your dream home and set the materials for the floors and walls.


Q: Can I change the location of doors and windows?
A: Yes! Although the app generates doors and windows automatically, you can add, relocate and delete any of them. Simply tap and hold on the door or window you would like to move, and slide it along the wall it is positioned on.

Q: Are furniture included with the app?
A: Yes! over 30 furniture, fixtures and appliances are included with the app, for free. In the "Interior" screen, tap and hold on the room you would like to add a furniture to, and tap the "Furniture" button. More items and materials are available through the in-app purchase system.

Q: How do I access the video tutorials?
A: In the plan list screen (first screen after the splash screen disappears), tap the "Help" button.

Q: In the "Interior" screen, why are the Furniture/Appliances/Fixtures buttons inactive (grayed out)?
A: Simply tap and hold on the room you would like to decorate, and these buttons will become active.

Q:How do I scroll (pan) the screen in "Layout" and "Interior" steps?
A:Use two fingers (simultaneously) and swipe in the direction you want to move to.


* Stunning dollhouse and walkthrough modes - you will be amazed at what your iPhone can do!

* Decorate your home with furniture and materials included with the app.

* Access the built-in online content shop to get additional furniture, wallpapers, hardwood floors, tiles, appliances, fixtures and more.

* Mix and match wallpapers, paint and floor materials - see the changes instantly, in 3D.

* Use the iPhone camera to create new materials - any image in your photo library can be used as a floor or wall material.

* Built-in color picker enables you to create and apply any solid color to walls and floors.

* Extensive "Help" section containing streaming video tutorials that cover every aspect of the app.

* The entire app works in either feet/inches or meters/centimeters.

* Automatically generates windows and doors - you can add, modify and remove any of them.

* Easily match your home's layout to an existing floor plan image.

* Will that new bed you want to buy fit in your bedroom? Use custom objects to create a 3D model with the dimensions you specify!

* Any object in Home 3D can be modified to fit your needs, including the object width, height, and height above floor.

* Use the walkthrough mode to easily visualize line-of-sight between rooms.

We are aware that in such an innovative, creative-oriented application there is always room for more. We will constantly and diligently work towards perfecting our app and extending it to meet our users' needs. If you have comments or feedback, please log on to our forum system and get involved in shaping the future of this marvelous app!
What's new in Version 1.5.3
* Custom objects can now be added to the plans

* You can now apply materials and textures to custom objects - once you create the object, hit the "Modify" button inside the interior screen.

* Fixed a bug that would prevent plans with Solid or Floors packs from opening correctly