Model Pose 1.0 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

Being a photographer or a model, you maybe can't remember so many model's professional poses. By using Model Pose, you can discover 230 classical professional poses including standing, sitting, knelling and reclining categories.

By Model Pose, you can download the last model photos in internet and add to your favorited folders which is divided into the previous four poses categories and each pose item. You can export all the photos to iphone/ipod Touch's album and synchronize with your PC at any moment.

The photos in the favorited folders can be quickly indexed by poses and are showed in latern slide mode.

It's your photography handbook and tool.


1. Total 4 pose category: standing, sitting, knelling and reclining.
2. Total 230 classical professional poses.
3. Import photos for a special model pose.
4. Every can have it self album.
5. Export photos to your iphone's camera roll or mail it out.
6. Photo album player.
7. Rating then favorite your pose, from 1 star to 5 stars.
8. Shoot photo for a special pose.
9. Easy organize your poses and photos by rating and album.

1. This application is free for update to new version.
2. If you find any bug, please send e-mail to me in english (, because I can't view all country's reviews. I'll help you as soon as I can.

Thanks for everyone who support my work. I'm waiting for your excellent idea. Of course, bug report is welcome too.