Surreal 1.0 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

Looking for inspiration? Trying to unlock a creative blockage? Look no further...Surreal will get your creative juices flowing and push you into a surrealist frenzy of imagination and wonder.

Use the variety of images to inspire and help as a catalyst for creativity. Crazy, diverse and weird images to get you thinking about your next creative project, planning your next art attack or your next surrealist reverie.

A selection of original, fantasy, dreamlike, irrational, absurd and fanciful imagery to nudge you into a state of insatiable, irrepressible and instantaneous inspiration.

Be free, go wild and see what happens; let the street meet the beat and quirk with the wings of a clouded typhoon trumpet! The drums have drilled and the feathers have flushed; creativity calls!

Content does not require connectivity.

Icon and Default.png (c) padlaversusmoij at flickr