9 Innings Pro Baseball 2011 v1.0.8 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

Universal version of 9 Innings 2011 has been launched!
Thanks all the 9 innings 2011 users for your great support and your love!

Play 9 innings with REAL All stars! <9> This is the REAL baseball game you have been waiting for.
9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011, in association with MLB PA, brings you the best full-featured baseball game with all your favorite Major Leaguers!

With REAL players updated with their LATEST stats, 9 Innings showcases all 30 Major League teams and almost 800 actual player profiles.

Key features include three different modes of play! Season, Exhibition, and Homerun Derby. 9 Innings boasts fully interactive game play and team management.

With thousands of cards to collect (even for Coaches and Cheerleaders!) and 100 achievements to master, you cannot be disappointed by this full-featured baseball game.

Download and play 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011.

(We are working on an update for iPod Touch 4G users.
We apologize for any current inconveniences that might occur for them. )

**iOS 4 including multi tasking, fully tested and runs fast**


- Play with all 30 Major League teams and access 780+ actual Major League player profiles
- Compete in 3 Different Modes of Play: Season, Exhibition, and Homerun Derby
- Enjoy fully interactive game play when Pitching, Batting, and Fielding
- Change lineups, rotations, and players as Team Manager
Customize your team at the Card Shop
- Collect the best cards to improve your team
- Master 100 Achievements
- Ranking System
- Support both Landscape mode and Portrait mode

Control pitch type and accuracy, pick-off runners at 1st, bunt down the 3rd baseline, and change the pitching rotation.

Card Shop, allowing you to collect your favorite players and add them to your team roster. Baseball cards come in Normal, Rare, Special, Hero, and Platinum grades, and you can draw new cards or combine old ones to obtain stronger players.

Winning points in any of the 3 modes of play also allows you to level up cards and improve your players’ stats.

Inning jump card - if you want to focus on managing your team, skip a few innings before bringing in the reliever.