Battery Boost Magic 6.1 iPhone iPad and iPod touch



â–¶ New: Certified on iPad2 â—€
â–¶ New: Certified on the new Verizon iPhone 4 â—€

"The enhancement that makes an expensive device last so much longer"
"Getting this app should be a no-brainer for any iPhone owner that wants to use the device for longer"
"at only $2, this is an absolute bargain for such a high quality app. Is it market entry pricing? remains to be seen, but I do love this app"
"This is an essential iPhone maintenance utility"
"For the cost of half a cup of coffee, my iPhone now works longer hours. I love it!"

Battery Pro Boost Magic is the only full featured professional battery & screen maintenance app. It combines professional battery full cycle charging, battery performance metrics, screen maintenance utility, and a set of useful tips & best practices that will help you get the most from your iPhone/iPod/iPad's battery and screen.

Battery Pro Boost Magic provides the following features:

✔ Battery Pro: Just plug in your iPhone/iPod/iPad and the rest happens automatically.
- maximizes your battery life.
- increases battery usage.
- 3 step charge process. ensure you get the most out of your battery: a specific timed sequence of fast charge, trickle charge, and top-off charge
- charge continues in background, while you use other apps, your phone, or just lock the device.

✔ Battery performance with 1% accuracy
lets you see exactly how your battery is doing, and much power your device has for different activities:
* 3G Talk time
* 2G Talk time
* WiFi Internet web browsing
* 3G Internet web browsing
* Video playback
* Video recording
* YouTube watching
* Photo taking
* Audio listening
* GPS Navigation
* 3G Games
* 2D Games
* Standby time remaining

✔ Screen Pro
a specialized utility to help you identify screen residue, imperfections, and other screen issues. A great utility for making sure your great screen is in perfect condition

✔ Battery Tips
we collected & filtered the most practical battery use tips into a visual library of clear instructions. It will guide you through the do's and don'ts of battery use.
you can extend your battery life just by reading & implementing these!

✔ Screen Tips
we collected & filtered the most practical set of screen usage and maintenance tips, into a visual library of clear instructions.
Reading these and acting as advised will help you achieve top screen performance and get years of enjoyment from your device's screen.

Tested & Approved on all Apple product models:
✔ Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad
✔ All product models including iPhone 4 & iPod 4
✔ Retina Display support
✔ Tested & certified on iOS 3.1 and up, including the new iOS 4.2
★ The only app that uses Apple recommended methods ★