Bomberman Chains 1.01 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

How to Play:
flick and exchange enemies and match 3 or more in a row to make them vanish.
Create chains by clearing enemies for a high score. New enemies will appear as they vanish so be sure to get them all!

Bomberman will supply you with a bomb for clearing 4 or more enemies in a row.
Tap the bomb to clear all enemies at once. Drop lots of bombs for high scores.
More chains increase your bomb firepower gauge.
A full gauge will empower you with 1 square of firepower.
The gauge decreases with time so build chains to increase your firepower.

- Play
Each stage has clearance targets. Clear each stage by killing the target numbers only.
Confirm by pressing the MENU button during play.

- 30 seconds
This game is to get a high score in 30 seconds.
Flick quickly to stop chains from disappearing quickly.

- 60 seconds
This game is to get a high score in 60 seconds.
Best for bomb pros!