Cute 1.3 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

Cute Match is another great iPhone/iPod game where you can be challenged by matching cute puppies, kittens, teddy bears and other pictures of cute animals. The app features four different games in one cute bundle!

Do you remember playing concentration games when you were a kid? Cute Match has been developed with that same simple concept in mind. The games consists of a game board with hidden symbols and you uncover them to find a match. When the game starts you will be treated to a brief moment of the game board uncovered to see how many you can remember. Sounds like an unfair advantage? It’s not as simple as it sounds, you will really need to challenge your memory! You will also be racing against the game clock. The scoring is based on how quickly you can uncover the entire game board with matched pairs – the faster you complete the game, the higher the score. Cute Match will retain your high score for future reference.

Cute Match has that addictive quality. You will find yourself playing this for a long time, and has a huge replay factor. The game has a sophisticated interface, crisp graphics and of course, great sound effects. Suitable for all ages. Challenge your kids to a game of Cute Match and keep them. Great for those long car rides and will surely avoid the question “are we there yet?” Not only fun, you will develop a valuable recall ability that will help you in many aspects of everyday life. Give Cute Match a try and be sure to check out other great offerings from Red Hammer Software. From our minds, to your hands.