TinyVox Pro 2.1 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

This Pro edition of TINYVOX features no ads in the app and it really makes a difference.

After you install the app, move it to the top of your phone's front page. You'll use it constantly. And please, send yourself an email first to test it. Thanks!

TINYVOX is the twitpic for audio... and so much more:
* makes it so much more fun to tape audio than other methods
* super simple email to self for your own brainstorms
* super simple email to others for interplanetary communication
* super simple to post to your Facebook News Feed
* super simple to Tweet your tape out
* super simple to keep an audio captain's log on Tumblr
** use TINYVOX and experience NO DAILY AUDIO UPLOAD LIMITS on your Tumblog
* actually emails audio as playable attachments for 100% privacy
* can be used on iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad

1) Use the tape label as a Twitter prompt - you can direct message (d username subject), @message, etc. This is your new Twitter app.
2) Set up your Evernote email address in your Contacts to send to Evernote.
3) Put it on top of your first page of apps. Seriously. It's that important.
4) Capture parties. People need to know that the world is still having FUN. Freedom of Assembly withers if you don't use it. So does Freedom of Speech !
5) Tape up to 25 minutes or so in standard quality, 8 minutes or so in HQ, but...
6) ...be patient with the upload - longer tapes, try to be on your home network, rather than 3G.
7) Make sure everyone you might send tapes to is in your Contacts. That way it's super easy to send a tape to them with the "Send To Contact" feature.
Skip uploading a tape until later if you need to quickly start a new one, say when recording a concert.
9) Try to keep your tapes shorter than about 20 minutes each for more reliable upload. Five minutes is even better
10) If you get into a great conversation, ask permission to tape it (and maybe even tweet/tumbl it!), and then send the tape to the other person as a souvenir.
11) If you JUST want a URL to post in say a blog comment or bboard, just hit the big blue Share button without selecting a Post option. Then copy the URL to the clipboard...
12) ...and to send a Text Message, just paste the URL of your tape into a Message to anyone else with a smartphone (even android), they can just click the link to hear your tape.

PRIVACY NOTE: FOR 100% PRIVACY, USE THE EMAIL FEATURE, and MAKE SURE the Email Settings are set to "email as attachment." There is NO WAY currently to delete a tape that is posted to our server.

UI NOTE: YES, you MUST touch the Big Blue Button after you select your post options. This is to minimize accidental tweeting. If you haven't touched the Big Blue Button, you haven't shared your tape. Touch your Post option(s), then touch the Big Blue Button. That is how you use TINYVOX. Thank you.

Please enjoy TINYVOX and spread the word! Thank you for supporting TINYVOX, the Infinite Tape Deck. We're working on amazing new stuff so please keep tuned to updates!

PS: You don't have to delete the free app to use this one. You can set up two different twitter accounts if you keep both apps on your home page, for instance, and tweet from different ones depending on circumstances (say, personal tweets and business tweets). Enjoy !