{HURRY UP} Indian Develpers Dont miss a chance an APP 2 FAME Contest is Awaiting you}{ Last Date 30 June 2011)(Submit Your Entries Soon)

txtWeb presents App2Fame - an online National Level Developer Challenge for those who want to make an impact with their work. Test your innovative skills and develop ultimate cool SMS based mobile apps.

Participate in the contest to:
- Reach 700 million mobile phone users across India who can use txtWeb for FREE.
- Bring your Apps on one of the biggest platforms- txtWeb.com
- Win loads of exciting prizes

Who can participate?
This is an open contest for anyone in India; start-ups, businesses, students, professionals - all can participate.

Last Date to Submit Your App: 30-June-2011

How to participate: Register on txtWeb and submit your app.

Judgment Criteria:

  • Judges Choice Award: Finalists and winners for Judges Choice Award will be selected by a panel of experts comprised of 3-4 industry members. Entries will be judged on (but not limited to) creativity/uniqueness of the concept and the ability to solve a customer issue.
  • Most Popular App: Will be determined based on number of unique users of the app based on usage statistics data gathered from the txtWeb platform.

  • Most popular by sub-category: (a) Social Networking (b) Gaming (C) Entertainment

    • To qualify for the Most Popular category and sub-category awards, an app must meet the following minimum threshold of unique users: Must have at least 200 unique users in the category
    • Unique users for the app will be determined as measured between July 1, 2011 to July 30, 2011 (both dates inclusive)
  • Social Impact Award: Finalists and winners for Social Impact Award will be selected by a panel of experts comprised of 3-4 industry members. Entries will be judged on (but not limited to) potential impact in addressing a social issue/problem.

  • In addition to the above listed criterion, all apps will also be judged on:
    - App implementation quality: The overall architecture of the application and the elegance/modularity of the code.
    - User experience: The overall positive quotient of the user interaction with the app.

New to txtWeb? txtWeb provides a developer friendly platform which makes it possible to develop SMS-enabled apps within just a few hours. You can use any programming language you fancy; make use of simple, easy, open APIs; rapidly test and deploy your app. It’s easy, fast and rewarding! Read more about txtWeb here.

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